Hello :)
I'm Jeff, the Cam3raguy.
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"however vast the darkness, we must supply our own light."

Maybe Mr. Kubrick was speaking to his Gaffer when he said this ;) it's probably more likely he had a deeper meaning in mind. Either way his words couldn't better sum up my perspective, both on and off the set.
However vast the conditions or however little gear we have to work with, whether I'm your Producer, DP or your Camera Operator, I'm there to work with the team to compose and tell the best story we possibly can.
Whether I'm needed to fill a leadership role, or something more down the line, I'm seasoned and prepared. After over a decade of broadcast experience, I've worked with most types of productions and all types of people.

the toolbox

Litepanels Astra

latest in location lighting


unscripted shooting

ARRI Locaster

versatile location lighting


broadcast workhorse

My Friends

audio 911
when you need the best in studio and location audio, except no substitute. Contact Steve Wytas @ sound@audio911.com http://www.audio911.com
you won’t find G&E house more dedicated to their clients
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